Your car left how long more?

Cold hard cash
– Image: Kelvin CL7 Owner

Your car left how long more?

A simple sentence, yet one that would absolutely make no sense to a driver (carsiao) who does not live here in sunny Singapore. It’s meaning is simple, summed up in 3 simple letters, COE.

We carsiao are no strangers to this “sacred” piece of paper, which allows us the good times with our cars.

With a ticking timebomb, so to speak, our pride & joy, our blood & sweat, our builds, almost never last.

“Full dekit, car scrapping”

“All items must go, scrapping”

“Towing to scrapyard next week, pick up whatever spares you need”

How often have we seen these words, over in forums, texts, group chats? The unevitable end of our beloved rides. While COE renewal may still be an option, not every local carsiao has the financial means to do so.

The effect of having to dekit, or scrap a car painstakingly built up over the years, is a dreaded feeling amongst us, but one we cannot escape.

Car culture in Singapore, is slowly dying. Great cars of yesteryear are a rare sight here in Singapore. People come and people go, but the car scene is slowly diminishing. The costs of buying a car are growing exorbitant, making the dreams of many aspiring carsiao fade into the distance.

Yet, the dream is still real for many. Many of us still live and breathe cars everyday. At the risk of sounding cliché, it’s not just a car, it really is a way of life.

While our lives may not revolve around them, they are definitely a big part of our lives. Let’s keep this fire burning, for as long as we can. With my own beloved car’s COE ending looming in near future, I can only hope.

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