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THIONG CHIA - Mainly used to describe ricer cars. Low rides, loud aftermarket exhaust, rides with lots of increase horse power stickers.

TIA - To tia/tear. Pull away.

“I heard that day my friend of my friend’s friend mother’s friend say that pink color Picanto tia the Emolution by 5 lamp posts during the drag lace at 30T.”

COP ON TOP -  Probably made famous by our local radio Class 95 during traffic report. It means police on overhead bridge, most likely armed and dangerous with a speed camera.

OG - Infamous local ‘circuit’ in town, Orchard Gudang. Recently less lacing there except for holiday eves, probably due to overcrowding in Orchard.

ROUNDING - When you feel petrol is cheap; car mileage is low; too much time on hands and legs. Just drive around Singapore with no purpose.

99 BENDS - Also known as “Gau zarp gau wan” in Hokkien, but as a matter of fact there are less than 99 bends, probably only 8.5 bends to be exact.

AI FRIENDLY MAI - Invite to a Friendly race, more commonly used at 20t/40t when people got too many demerit points to spare

LACING - Our local slang for racing. eg. “Go where lacing tonight?" 

LACER -Term for racer, similar to ang mo’s ricer (Boy racer). Contributed by Yandao88.

BIJI BIJI - Another term for turbo cars. Contributed by anonymous lacer.

20T - 20 Tiang, infamous local drag strip. 20 lamp posts to decide the winner. Located at Seletar Link.

30T - Does not exist.

40T - 40 Tiang, infamous local drag strip. 40 lamp posts to decide the winner.

SAR CORNER - Sar Corner, Kup Corner, Take Corner, In fast, out fast.

PLAY BRAKE - Brake Checking in angmoh terms. Not healthy, sibeh beng, normally used by losers. In Singapore’s law, the one who kisses people ass pays.

ZAM BRAKE - Jam brake, can be used when there is red light camera installed at traffic lights, or on expressways when you want to play brake

JIP - To race impromptu with another driver. eg ”Wah lao, he drive like lacer sia, go and jip him leh

Kantong - 2 meanings to this superb dialect. It may mean license revoked/suspended, else it simply mean your suspensions.

Sibeh Kin - Damn fast

Emolution - Evolution, Emolution, get it? Send in by Lancer4eva