Feature Car - Michael's Nissan Silvia S13

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Feature Car - Michael's Nissan Silvia S13

Today’s Feature Car we have Michael and his previous ride, Nissan Silvia S13. Unfortunately its no longer around. What’s left are his memories and photos.

A car that’s pretty rare now in Singapore. Most have drifted along with the COE



Car Boot


We asked what he loves most about his previous car.

“…the lazy looking eyes and ease of drifting the car.”





Nissan Silvia fun facts:

  • Won Car of the Year Japan in 1988
  • S15 Silvia was the last car to hold the Silvia badge
  • 3 variants - Spec-R (6-speed manual, 4-speed auto), Spec-S (5-speed manual, 4-speed auto), Varietta (Hardtop retractable 5-speed manual/4-speed auto)

Source: Wiki Nissan Silvia

What do you think he is driving now? Can you guess?

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