Feature Car - Darius Honda Accord

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Feature Car - Darius Honda Accord

Today’s Feature Car we have Darius and his Honda Accord Euro R (CL7) which is daily driven for his sales job.



We asked what he loves most about his car.

“…the sound when it transits to VTEC”


  • Wheels/Tyre: ADVAN RS with Toyo R1R
  • Brakes: Alcon 4 pot with Ferodo DS2500 pads
  • HKS silent Hi-Power Exhaust
  • Bride Vios driver seat

He’s also on a mission to gather all CL7 drivers in Singapore. The WhatsApp group chat current count is about 70x members.

Get more info and drop him a msg here.

Honda Accord Euro R quick look:

  • Launched in October 2002 Japan
  • K20 engine, 6-speed manual transmission
  • Available to Japanese Domestic Market and Europe
  • Stock cosmetics, Recaro seats, body kit, MOMO steering and special metal gearknob found only in Honda’s Type-R variants

Source: Wiki Honda Accord

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